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Mar 8, 2018

Ken Grossman is widely known as the Godfather of American Pale Ale.  He created it in Chico, CA at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and the world of Craft Beer in America began to grow.  

A few years ago, Sierra Nevada opened up their east coast brewery in Mills River, NC.  T.W. Moore, one of the Lead Brewers joins Teddy for yet another great story not only about the liquid, but one of a "Hometown Boy done good" as well.  Moore Grew up in Mills River it's likely he'll never move from there considering his love of his hometown and his passion for the beer he brews!! 

Sierra Nevada Chicago Area Sales Manager Patrick Von Feldt joins in on the fun as the three toast, talk and tear up with laughter!! 

"Sheffield's Beer School", aka The Beerpod is recorded at Sheffield's Beer & Wine Garden, 3258 N. Sheffield Ave. in Chicago, IL.